Optimizing vehicular communications

Geolink is a privately-funded company established in December 2007 as a spin-off company from the research developed within the Department of Computer Science of the School of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP), in the area of vehicular communications and spatial databases.

Geolink has specialized in the optimization of the operation of automotive fleets, involving mobile computing devices that communicate in real-time with central servers that permanently monitor and optimize the operation of vehicles. Call center solutions that tightly integrate with the fleet management services are also a fundamental component of the technological architectures developed by Geolink. We partner with major telecommunication operators for setting up our advanced solutions in terms of fixed and mobile communications and with NDrive to power the GPS navigation installed in the mobile terminals.

Geolink is based in Porto, Portugal and is planning to open a subsidiary in Brazil during 2013. Geolink is a proud partner of the Carnegie Mellon - Portugal international program and was heavily involved with the DRIVE-IN (Distributed Routing and Infotainment through VEhicular Inter-Networking) research project, deploying a 500 nodes vehicular network in the city of Porto, in the north of Portugal.

Latest News

Táxi-Link in Gondomar!
Geolink wins the implementation of the dispatch system at Taxigon taxi central in Gondomar.
October 2013

New Geolink Brasil brochure now available!A downloadable version can be found here.August 15, 2013

Táxi-Link in Braga!Taxi-Link now powers the main taxi central en Braga.
March 2013

New version of the Taxi-Link app!
You can now follow the taxi on a map until it reaches your door.
February 27, 2013

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